About Me

Who am I?

I am a 20 year old web and game developer working out of Pflugerville, Texas. I started coding in middle school, playing around with Python on an old laptop I recieved as a gift, and started back in 2016 working with HTML. Since then, I've worked on a number of projects, both individually and with a team which can be seen in the Projects tab. While in college, I began further working with JavaScript and Node.js, and creating my first Discord bot.

What are my qualifications?

Programming-wise, I have experience using the following languages:

  • HTML + CSS
  • Javascript (and Node.JS, by extension)
  • Python 3
  • Lua

Aside from coding, I have a few other talents:

  • I have extensive customer service experience
  • I have the ability to be both a leader and a follower as the situation demands


  • w3schools JavaScript Certification - Earned 26 Feb 2021

If you are a future employer and would like to see my full resume, please email me at jessica.sedatole@gmail.com.

My Projects

Discord Bot

I've programmed a small Discord bot (a small, automatic messenger) to do what I want it to do - most often, running through mathematical tests like the Collatz Game or the multiplicative principle.
It has various interactions with Discord's Node.js API and users, and was at one point ported to Python.

Town Management Game

A small game written entirely using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, it involves the player managing a town's resources and population. It is simplistic in its design, and without any actual story. The game in its entirety can be played here.

Dell Ignite Internship

I was a member of the 2019 Dell Ignite internship, as part of a team working on a website. The website involved taking data from a central AWS database and converting it into readable data for easier computer diagnosis. It was also a competition, which my team won.


Sending is a short game made for the Godot Wild Jam in 2020. It only features 6 levels, but is my first released game made over the course of a week. It can be found on my itch.io page.

This Site

This website is, in fact, also a project of mine! This page has been coded entirely by me, for you.


Generalship is a card game I designed over the past few years. While not a coded project, it is still something I'm proud of, and the idea has been floating around in my head to make it a videogame.

The Office Game

A couple years ago, I coded a small web game based on The Office as a gift to family members of mine who like the show. It was a short CYOA-type game, and featuring points based on what the player was able to do with the time they were given.

If you are an employer and would like to see any of the source code for any of the above projects, send me an email with the address below and I'll be happy to provide what I can!

Fun facts about me

Learning Japanese

Over the past few years, I've been learning Japanese through various sources. Although I'm not at N5 level yet, I hope to be there by the end of 2021.


I like to cosplay when I can, though events of 2021 have made that difficult lately. My favourite character to cosplay as of now is Red, from the first Pokemon games.

Board Games

I'm a fan of board games, in particular chess.

Retro Videogames

Perhaps my favourite genre of videogame is the retro RPG - namely, games like the original Legend of Zelda, my current favourite videogame.
Legend of Zelda gameplay.


Recently, I've been the game master for a weekly game of Traveller 2E from Mongoose Publishing! So far, I've hosted four sessions and we've completed one adventure.


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